Marie Laforge

Marie Laforge



 I was born and raised in France, in the beautiful Alps in a family were Art was predominant. My childhood was surrounded by Art , Music and majestic mountains. 

I attended an Art school in Paris to study Graphic Arts and Advertising. Living in that beautiful city full of Art and amazing sights inspired me to start capturing moments on camera and my love for street photography was born. 

  Traveling in many different places in the World I learned to appreciate the beauty of each one of them and found that there is beauty all around, often in the least expected places. Everywhere is an Adventure! 


I moved to Englewood, Florida with my Family in 1999 after spending a few years in Santa Barbara, California .

What surprised me most about Florida was the flat landscape and after a few months I realized that the magic of this area was the light, the ocean and the sky and amazing clouds that changed constantly. 


I developped a passion for photographing the ordinary, simple things always keeping a childlike sense of wonder .

I am fascinated by light, movement, textures and the way Nature is constantly changing, offering a feast for my eyes and giving me opportunities to capture magical moments. 

I used to carry a professional camera and realized that all I really wanted was a small camera that could accompany me everywhere, on my hikes, beach aventures as well as my travels and daily life.

My favorite camera at this time is my iPhone, not the latest model, just the model from a few years back.  

Part of the limitations of the iPhone are, in my opinion, what make my photos more fun in the sense that I have to overcome the lack of advance features from the camera itself by post-processing.  

After I capture my images I love to spend time editing and perfecting them which is an Art in itself. 

I usually take photos knowing how I will later enhance them while processing them. 


I spend time each day walking in outdoor places that I love and inspire me and I always start noticing what is special on any given day. Some days the waves are just perfect and the light hits them just right, some other days the water is so clear that you can see anything at the bottom of the sea, some other times the wind creates incredible patterns that form Art pieces on their own. 


When I am not capturing images with my iPhone or traveling the World you can find me at Mango Bistro, the restaurant I co-own and run with my partner. 

Marie Laforge
Mango Bistro

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