OEVA Artist Membership

Membership for Artists

A membership just for artists.  Complete with an artist profile, contact information, and an easy to use gallery, all with an easy to share URL.

What's in it for you...

  • You'll have a profile page as an artist, complete with contact information and a gallery that's easy to use.
  • Add your art exhibits to our calendar.  If you, as an artist are showing your work in a gallery someplace else, you can add it to our calendar to let everyone know to come and see your exhibit!
  • This membership allows you to be a voting member, be involved in organization committees and after a year, you could be eligible to be a member of the board of directors.
  • Be a part of the decisions that affect your business in Englewood, FL.

Join the Old Englewood Village Association (OEVA)

ONLY $50

Duration: 1 Year
Price: $50.00